Benefits of Being a Nominee

Qualifying as an official nominee in the Top Choice Award Survey is an accomplishment on its own and there are many tools available to help nominees have a successful voting campaign.

Tips for a Successful Voting Campaign

Some tips to help Official Nominees have a successful voting campaign and make the most out of their nominee status.

Nominee Tools

Tools to help Official Nominees celebrate their nominee status and connect with their customers during the voting process.

Qualification Process

Top Choice Awards also goes through deep measures to ensure that each nomination is a reputable and trustworthy business before entering the voting process.


Benefits of Being a Winner

The Top Choice Awards has helped thousands of businesses increase their sales and improve their relationship with their customers. Read about some of the benefits below and hear from the winners themselves. Visit our Testimonials Page for more insight about the benefits of being a winner.

Tips for Using the Top Choice Award

How to use the Top Choice Award to improve your sales.

Features of the Promotion System

Recognition, where it's due, is the core belief at Top Choice Awards. There are numerous benefits to winning the Top Choice Award. Winners gain a free winner listing which is promoted all year round by Top Choice Media. For winners who would like to further promote and enhance their winning status, they have the opportunity of participating in the TCA Promotion System and garner its unique benefits.

What our Winners are Saying

View testimonials and reviews from Top Choice Award winners.