About Top Choice Awards

Top Choice Awards collects and reviews the opinions of thousands of customers annually.  The results of those studies are used by companies to improve customer satisfaction and business development while our social promotion system gives customers the power to enjoy awesome experiences by making educated purchase choices. Our trusted directory of Top Choice Award winners are used daily in over 30 cities across North America and Europe.

The Steps to the Top



All Year Round

During this step, satisfied consumers nominate their favourite companies in their city to thank them for their Top quality product/service. Nominations are collected via our website, email, social media outlets and call centre.

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During Nomination Process

Once a company receives 25 nominations, they move on to our qualification process. Ensuring their reputation and history of customer satisfaction are in good standing. In certain cases, a business review specialist is sent to confirm they meet the requirements.

Qualification Process



November 1, 2019 - December 20, 2019

Qualified nominees are entered into the voting stage. During these months, each nominee will be listed on the survey and have a voting link that they can share with customers to vote them as their Top Choice.

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January 2020

When the survey ends, the votes are tabulated; the winners are then announced and listed on our website. Winners will have the option to further promote their status in a variety of ways and celebrate their win amongst other business owners. Each nominee will have the opportunity to access their survey results.

Winning the Top Choice Award

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