Gain New Customers

What makes a customer a “regular” is the quality and popularity of a business. Potential new customers may choose you over your competitors upon realizing that your company is trusted by others as proven by your award winning reputation. With your company being listed in your city's winner directory in which we heavily promote online, it is easier for new clients to find you and choose to use your services.

Increase Brand Awareness and Exposure

Winning the Top Choice Award allows you to stand out as the best choice for a consumer in the immense amount of options in today's business scene. Top Choice Awards works diligently to ensure that we promote the winners of each survey to all of our contacts, followers, viewers and fans. Winning the Top Choice Award allows you to be promoted through many different avenues whether it be online, in person, or in print.

Increase Sales

Winning the Top Choice Award has proven to increase sales due to the trust and validation it instills in prospective clients, as well as through the opportunity to get insight into your customers opinions on what you can improve on to help enhance your business operations for the better good of your community.

Third Party Validation

Anyone can say that their company is "the best", but not every company has a trusted third party to validate that statement. Your win is validation that you are the best through the voice of the people in your city.

Increase Customer Loyalty

When your clients know that you are skilled and recognized for your work, it strengthens their loyalty to your brand and drives sales through their word of mouth to others.

Elevate Your Company's Credibility

Being associated with the Top Choice Award raises the credibility of your company, its brand and products/services as this mark of excellence stands for a benchmark of only the top quality businesses in each city.

Motivate and retain your staff

When a business is nominated or wins an award, it shows the employees that they are in a good company, making it easy for people to feel proud about being a part of it. Awards of distinction make it easier to sell services or products by using the nomination/award winning status as the unbiased source of endorsement.

Attract new talent

Intelligent employees look for economic reassurance and companies that showcase prosperity. Being nominated or winning an award can draw the best potential employees to your company.

Investment Opportunities

Get funding or get purchased. Being nominated or winning awards will naturally increase the chances of your business being trusted among the banking community and powerful buyers.


Awards and award nominations are huge indicators to the public. With today’s giant social media presence, being nominated for or winning an award can be a huge PR opportunity that will not only give you public recognition, but also associate you with an elite league of great companies and potential business colleagues.

Increase Social Media Visibility

Social media is where clients and prospective clients look into, engage with and build lasting relationships with companies and brands. Allow your social media channels to be bombarded with buzz by being part of the Top Choice Award Circle of winners. Through hashtags, connecting with other winners online, and all the promotions that we do for each of our winners on social media to our followers, fans and viewers, there is no doubt that winners see a significant positive difference in their social media visibility.

Increase Online Traffic

The Top Choice Award is the most liked, followed, viewed and highly reviewed business award in North America. Our mission is to direct as much online traffic as possible to our winners so that consumers can work with reputable companies, while reputable companies get rewarded for their hard work with more business and clients! Whether that be from promoting our online winner lists, the social media exposure we provide to our winners, or simply being associated with the award, there is no doubt that online traffic to your website, online store, or to your social channels is a major benefit of winning the award.

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