There are numerous perks to qualifying as a Top Choice Nominee, including:

Online Promotion

7 weeks of free online advertising by being listed on during the voting process, which is heavily promoted on Google and social media, reaching an audience of over 1 million and making for a great opportunity to gain valuable PR and online free advertising.

Customer Engagement

What better reason to interact and engage with your clients than via sharing your official nominee status and having them share their appreciation for your service/products with a vote? Strengthening relationships with current clients ensures their continued business.

Recognition as industry leader

A FREE official nominee badge for your website and online voting campaign. Anyone who visits your website will know that you are among the top within your city.

Social Buzz

The buzz surrounding the survey including likes, comments and shares of your own posts end up in other people’s feeds and notifications. There’s additional buzz when your voters share their vote on Facebook or Twitter. Social buzz means reaching a wider audience!

Media Opportunity

Being a nominee opens the doors to an opportunity for huge media exposure whether it be your local Instagram blog or your local newspaper, make headlines with a strong campaign and support from your voters!

Survey Results

Eligibility to receive survey results, even if you aren’t voted the winner. You will be able to see each nominee’s vote count in your category as well as comments left behind from your voters on why they voted for you and what they think your company can improve on. This is great insight as to what’s going on in your clients head with the total comfort of them knowing their feedback won’t be judged, while helping you step up your game to fully satisfy your customers!

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