Which Award is Right for Your Business?

Not every Business Award is the Same, find out how

With the business world as competitive as ever, it is more than necessary to inform all businesses about how important their decisions are - especially when these decisions involve choosing the tools that will be used to distinguish their company from the rest. It has become the norm for a business to have some kind of award behind their name. Consumers look for a reputable choice and if you are not already associated with some sort of third party endorsement you can be sure you will be feeling the competitive pressure sooner or later. With that being said, winning an award has become so popular that it’s important to know which ones remain coveted, valuable and ultimately satisfy the primary purpose of showcasing how unique your business is.

Winning the Top Choice Award is not just winning another business award. Winning the Top Choice Award is remembering why you started your business in the first place. It reminds you that your products and/or services were created to satisfy a need and motivates you to use your passion to make other people’s lives a little better. The appreciation you feel as a business owner when winning such an award extends to your staff, motivating them to keep the vision going and showing them that their efforts are not overlooked. They will be reminded that the part they play in the puzzle is important. We have heard time and time again that the quality of a business is reflected by the quality of teamwork. The Top Choice Award will unite your staff and strengthen the energy within your company to generate more effective, purposeful results. Additionally, new talent looking to be part of an enthusiastic, determined and appreciated team will be attracted to your company, offering new ideas and perspectives that can enhance your company and main vision.

The general public is attracted by looks, but personality makes them stay. Business awards may enhance your image, but the Top Choice Award is an extension of your personality. The Top Choice Award is ultimately a compilation of hundreds of positive business reviews from customers that trust and love the products and/or services you provide - all in one recognizable logo. It is a benchmark of the quality, image, service, value and effort you put into making your client’s experience a Top one. Winning an award means that you have ample experience in your field so you must be doing something right. The Top Choice Award acts as a third party endorsement that proves your clients know you’re doing something right. Consumers work on a “peer group influence” basis which means if hundreds of customers trust you enough to vote you as their Top choice, you become attractive to other potential customers as well.

Our slogan, “The Award That’s Social”, emphasizes how approachable our winners are. With plenty of social media activity throughout our transparent survey, you can see the engagement of customers showing support for their favourite businesses and professionals. Our winners are in constant contact with us and our thousands of followers on our social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube to name a few. Our reach of a combined 500,000+ in social media audience alone has proven to be an excellent channel of brand awareness and advertisement for our winners. Our winners can also conveniently be located on our website, filtered by category and city, making it a go-to place for customers who want the best in their city. Of course, this exposure and activity would enhance the image of any company, but what makes winning the Top Choice Award anything but ordinary is the exclusivity. Unlike other business awards in the business world today, there is only one winner in each category in each city. There is no second or third winner. There is no winner in a different sector of a business such as image or service in the same category. Exposystems owner, Nigel Vance-Lousada, 10 year winner of the Top Choice Award states in his acceptance speech that

“In these times where every advantage helps in the marketplace, the one thing we can safely say to our customers is, you know, we’ve got the Top Choice Award for business excellence. Which kind of makes a difference when we know our competitors haven’t got it, so that’s a real bonus for us”. - Owner of Exposystems, Nigel Vance-Lousada

When you are a Top Choice Award Winner, the emphasis of exclusivity is bestowed upon your company’s personality.

Besides motivating your company’s internal operations and gaining trust and respect from current and prospective clients, being a Top Choice Award Winner also has advantages within the business community. Our winners can search for the Top suppliers that would help supply essentials to their company thanks to our newly integrated B2B survey. Our winners are placed in the Top Choice Magazine along with the other Top businesses and professionals in their city. The magazine acts as a distribution channel not only to the public but also to other businesses who can benefit from each other's services. Most evidently, our annual gala allows for a luxurious networking opportunity with hundreds of successful, connected business owners and professionals who are celebrating their win as a community. The multiple business card exchanges and energy on that night reminds us that getting hundreds of business owners together in one place on one night is not only a celebration but also a business tool to our winners.

We encourage you to do your own research on the different business awards in today’s marketplace. Check their activity online, the size of their networking reach, the tools they give to their clients, the exclusivity of the winners in each category and the effort they put into making the people’s voice heard. After all, we are sure you will make a top choice when choosing which award family you wish to be part of.

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