Short Staffed? Here's How to Attract The New Working Class

“A business is only as good as it’s people.”

Between remote working and flexible schedules, people looking for a job are focused on perks and incentives. Employers have to be creative in order to effectively attract new talent.

Here are key ways you can attract and retain employees!

Tell Your Story

Promote your brand message. What is your why? How did you start your company and what were you trying to solve? What does your business stand for?

More and more job-seekers are looking to feel fulfilled and inspired when working at their job. By promoting what you stand for, you are displaying your support for a cause, and employees that agree with your stance want to hop on board.

Ask Yourself “Why Should They Want To Work For Me?”

What are you offering your employees that your competition doesn’t? Promote the perks and benefits of working at your company, whether it be the ease of working remotely, winning a local business award, deals on in-house products or services, or flexible hours. Job seekers are looking for ways to benefit from working at your company, so be sure to tell them!

Community Involvement

By participating in the community and building genuine connections with the locals in your area, not only are you creating lasting relationships with the people closest to you, but you are actively showcasing your businesses’ ties to the local community. People want to feel part of a community and more importantly, be part of something that inspires connection!

Fire Social Media Game

Everyone is on social media nowadays, so you're most likely falling behind if you aren't sharing content that makes people want to interact with you. By posting content that instills positive feelings and trust you are displaying to your potential employees the type of environment they will be working in.

Winning a Reputable Business Award

The last thing people want is to work for a company that isn't going to be around. Show potential employees that you are loved and trusted by having a reputable third-party endorsement, like the Top Choice Award under your belt.

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