COVID-19: What To Do To Help Your Local Businesses

Spread love, not fear.

As you may imagine, the current halt in most parts of the world is affecting local businesses everywhere.

These businesses work very hard for you and their city every day. The COVID-19 outbreak is not their fault, yet it's arguably affecting them the most. They need you more than ever to show them love!

Here are 5 ways you can help them during your self-quarantine time:

1. Spread the love to local businesses by reviewing them on Google, Facebook, and other review sites.

2. You can post about them on your social media channels. Recommend them to friends.

3. If they have an online store, buy from them instead of big organizations.

4. Buy gift cards from them to use at a later date when the outbreak has cleared.

5. You can nominate your favorite local businesses for a 2021 Top Choice Award.

Everyone needs love more than ever right now. Find the Top Choices in your city below, or any businesses in your city that you love, and review them online or nominate them for the Top Choice Award today. We all have the time to do so :)


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