Voting is Giving

Ensure to give back to your city by leaving feedback when you vote for your Top Choice

With the 14th Annual Top Choice Awards Survey on the brink of opening, we ask you to give back to your city by voting for your Top Choice. 

How is voting, giving back to your city?

By voting, you are helping Top Choice Awards recognize the Top businesses in your city and in turn offering the people in your community a trusted list of businesses in your city that they can experience better overall products and services from. By voting, you help reduce the number of businesses and professionals people can choose from in your city to a defined reliable group.

In addition, you are also thanking the businesses who proudly serve you and your city every day. Your feedback during the survey is a vital component because you know better than anyone what even your favorite business or professional needs improvement on. Therefore we encourage you to vote, but also to provide your feedback on the business, so that they can learn where to improve to provide the people of your city a better buying experience.

At the end of the day, not only are you helping us identify the Top Choices, you are giving the business that serve you a chance to excel. You are contributing to a resource that benefits your whole city!

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