Top Choice Awards is Adapting and Evolving - Welcome The New Decade

Message from the Founder & CEO of Top Choice

Dear Top Choice Awards Community, 

I am writing to you today to inform you that after 23 years of entrepreneurship I have successfully learned that regardless of the industry you work in or the city you live in, we all have very common goals, however, what differentiates us is how we achieve these goals.

We are now at a very interesting stage in the business community in North America, a new decade ahead of us, full of Job Hoppers. Job Hoppers? Yes, they are exactly what you think they are. They are pushing the boundaries of employment to a different level, forcing innovative strategies to attract and keep clients and employees, which is directly affecting small, medium and large businesses all across the continent. The “business train" is moving faster than ever and will continue to introduce new and quicker technology and tactics that provide smarter and faster solutions to the consumer.

In this new decade, every business owner, regardless of one’s industry, will have to be willing to adapt and evolve their operations, or they may be left behind on the train tracks, outrun by a new business that "started overnight” that now offers solutions to consumers that you thought were never a problem and were never going to affect your business. Use this year as a start to embrace change. Everything is in constant change, by embracing it instead of fighting it, you will continue to flow as the leader in your industry, and your business endurance will pay off, as that's what sets you apart from your new competitors.

As you know, Top Choice Awards identifies and celebrates business excellence, so educated buyers enjoy better purchasing experiences, leading to happier communities. 

With the start of a new decade and the rise of new online technologies, Top Choice Awards is adapting and evolving our operations to deliver better results to both groups we serve - the passionate business owner and the educated consumer. 

The passionate business owner, will benefit tremendously by the new awards program that is in development and added features to the services we provide. It will continue identifying and celebrating business excellence, but will be done in a much faster and environmentally friendly environment. These new features allow business owners to promote their services and products in a managed social platform that will connect them to their existing clients and to Top Choice Community members, that may need to use their trusted services. Introducing Top Choices Facebook Group

Another update will be the transformation of the Top Choice Magazine, into the Top Choice Guide! We are going to change the size, the paper (environmentally friendly), the content and the direction. There will be one issue per year with all award winners being featured in a very interactive way, allowing the reader to become a consumer faster than ever. The online version of the guide will also be updated as it will be influenced by the new print version which will be more interactive between the consumer and the award winners.

With the start of 2020 let us all embrace change, as it is inevitable and constant, however your growth is up to you.

Thank you,

Cheers to another successful decade! 

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