Support Local Businesses & Win!

Support your Top Choice and you Could Win a $500 Amazon Gift Card, Visa or Cash

As you may imagine, the current halt in most parts of the world is affecting local businesses everywhere.

These businesses work very hard for you and their city every day. The COVID-19 outbreak is not their fault, yet it's arguably affecting them the most. They need you more than ever to show them love!

To help small businesses in North America during this time, we have started a contest that gets people to share the love, by sharing a moment they spent at their Top Choice using the hashtag #mytopchoice.

Contest Rules:

  1. Follow us on Instagram (@topchoiceawards)
  2. Post a story with your Top Choice - either a photo of you the last time you were there, a product you bought from them, or just type out their business name. Your Top Choice is any business in which you have experienced top-notch service and/or product!
  3. In the story tag @topchoiceawards and use the hashtag #mytopchoice*

If you have more than one Top Choice business in your city, be sure to post each one separately; gaining you more chances to win!

* The hashtag and tagging us is how we keep track of the submissions. Failure to do any of the above will not count as a submission for the contest.

Winner Announced April 6th!

The business which is featured in the winner's post also wins big!

20 Custom #mytopchoice t-shirts with their company logo on it!

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