Behind the Scenes at the 2019 Top Choice Awards Gala

People always ask us how do we manage to pull off a better Gala every year? The answer is simple!


Every year we personally evolve. We grow, learn, experience and apply. But more importantly we do it while having fun! We’re hands on. We’re all involved in one way or another. We take everything as an important part of the whole. We will push carts in sweat clothes and we will push tables in our gowns. There are no title attachments, no blaming games, not one moment that we don’t give our best.

Every moment is fleeting much like this moment in this photo that is now gone just like the gala is. But the feelings we felt, the memories you all got to make at the gala are still very much alive. In you, in me, in us as a team. We had just as much fun pushing heavy carts and being silly riding them through the halls and through rather unappealing service elevators as we did welcoming you in the Ballroom and concert hall.

That’s why we’re proud to identify and celebrate with every type of business. Law firms to plumbers, dance schools to dental clinics, and everything in between. It’s because every piece is done with love that the whole becomes a success. Thank your neighbor, thank your water company, thank your electrician, thank everyone because they make what you do possible, whether you realize it or not. This is the power of unity! This is humanity!

Take the time today to thank your favourite local business by nominating them for the 2020 Top Choice Awards Survey!

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