A New Chapter Begins...

Here is what you need to know about the 2020 Voting!

It is with great honour and pride, that we inform you of our upcoming 2020 Top Choice Awards Survey. For the past 8 months, Top Choice Awards has been accepting nominations from people in over 28 cities across North America. Each nomination undergoes a diligent qualification process to ensure nominees meet the standards of the Top Choice Awards benchmark.

This year's voting period will commence on November 1st until December 20th, 2019. During the voting period, the general public has access to a list of trusted popular businesses in their city and all Official Nominees have access to voting tools that can help them share and promote their business in the running. This type of positive social activity increases public awareness and local business development.

We will be promoting the voting and encourage you to do your part by casting your VOTE for your local Top Choice business. Your vote will inspire and motivate local business owners to keep improving and bring their best efforts to the table. Businesses aren't the best because they say so... they are the best because you say so, with your vote.

Cheers and happy voting!

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