7 Days of Successful Voting

We are one week into the 2019 Top Choice Awards Survey and we would like to thank you!

On November 1st, Top Choice Awards opened the voting stage to all Official Nominees in the 2019 Top Choice Awards Survey. Businesses from 30 cities across North America and Europe were notified that they were among the Top 5 businesses in their select industry and city! Nominees will be given 2 months of voting which will be available from November 1st, 2018 to January 2nd, 2019 to collect as many votes as possible from their supporters. The business that is voted Top throughout the surveying process, will be crowned a Top Choice Award winner.

All Official Nominees have been provided complimentary voting tools and resources in which they can use to make their supporters aware of their Top 5 status and welcome them to vote and voice their opinions. 

After one week of successful voting, we would like to thank those who already have taken part of the survey. Your vote not only helps identify the Top in your city, but also helps those businesses you love and trust get even better.

Be sure to browse through other categories that perhaps you have enjoyed and experienced and continue to vote for your Top Choice at TopChoiceAwards.com/Vote

All voters will be entered to win $2000 in cash and one of many Toppy T-Shirts.

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