5 Easy Ways to Better Engage Customers on the Phone

It's #NationalTelephoneDay, and here are 5 ways to gain and keep customers over a phone call.

1. Show genuine interest in your customer

If you show genuine interest in your customer, they will feel a stronger connection to you and the company you represent. Giving your customer information that is helpful to their specific situation is a great way to show that you are interested in their needs.

It’s important to show sincere enthusiasm during a phone call to better engage customers on the phone. Believe in your product and explain why your product is serving a noble purpose.

Be sure to make the conversation a two-way street! You want to show your eagerness and enthusiasm, but you also want to give your customer a chance to get a word in. Listen more often than you speak to your customer on the phone and on social media.

2. Avoid tricks and gimmicks

The best way to meet your potential customers’ needs is to personalize the experience for them instead of promoting your services and products. Steer clear of tricks and gimmicks to better engage customers on the phone.

Without telling you, your customer is wondering how your product or service would better their life and why your business is a better fit for them than the competition. Show them how your services align with their concerns and stage in the buying process.

If you’re relying on tricks and gimmicks to win customers and engage them over the phone, people will eventually doubt your trustworthiness and your reputation will take a hit. Trust is essential to close sales and win loyal customers.

3. Communicate clearly and follow up

Make sure your conversations with customers are using clear language and honesty. Apologize when a mistake occurs and be empathetic to the customer’s situation. Don’t use an auto-response with your customer despite the low price and ease of use – you’ll pay for it in the drop in customer engagement.

Invest in a real person to contact your customers initially, make the follow-up phone calls, respond to emails, and run your social media accounts. This will ensure you’re doing what you can to better engage customers on the phone.

4. Engage your employees

If you expect to have engaged customers, you have to start with engaged employees–no exceptions. This might mean staff changes need to take place, and if so, that’s okay. Your employees attitudes and level of job engagement are critical in ensuring your customers respond positively.

Don’t let your employees become bored and detached at work. Keep everyone on their toes, encourage continual skill building and training, and keep remote employees connected to engage your employees better.

5. Listen, smile, and take notes

You should not only listen well during conversations with customers, but also take notes. Your customer will appreciate when you show that you’ve remembered a detail or two about them and bring it up later in a conversation. Politely comment on a detail they’ve shared, whether about their spouse, kids or employment. Be sure to keep a smile on your face during the conversation because they will be able to hear the positive inflection smiling brings to your voice. Remain positive and always avoid being aggressive.

Finally, if you want to better engage customers on the phone, be patient with your customers. If you want to connect with your customers in a meaningful way, listening, honesty, conveying positive attitudes, following up, and taking notes are the best ways to engage your customers in an effective way.


Answering Your Telephone

When a customer calls your business, have your receptionist answer the phone, “Thank you for calling (insert name of your company), recipient of the (insert year) Top Choice Award™. How may I direct your call?” Make sure you also add it to your voice mail message and the audio that your clients listen to when they are on hold.


Be sure to let your customers know about your award winning status through your voicemail. Every impression counts, don't waste a moment that you reach out to your clients to let them know how you are above your competition.

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