Rococo Brides

Top Choice Bridal Boutique of 2020 in Calgary

Unit 4, 8989 MacLeod Trail South, Calgary, AB T2H 0M2 Canada

It all becomes real and exciting the minute one becomes engaged and for some, much more long before that…as little girls daydreaming and playing dress up as beautiful brides. Envisioning and imagining that dress, the most important dress one will purchase and wear walking down an aisle to become married. r o c o c o Brides came to be after many years of planning and dreaming. I am a wife to a wonderfully loving and supportive husband, a mother of two beautiful angels, a former teacher and a big dreamer. r o c o c o Brides is a bridal boutique unlike any other. We are extremely proud to be a favoured salon. We offer an exquisite and unpredictable ambiance for all our guests. r o c o c o Brides is Calgary’s Premier Salon, offering all Brides the attention and detail that they deserve. As professional bridal consultants we understand your individuality …with listening ears, a keen sense of style & a vision for perfection, we will guide you to your perfect gown.

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