Pasture To Plate Natural Products

Top Choice Meat Shop of 2020 in Vancouver

1420 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, British Columbia, V5L 3X9, Canada

We are about People, Animals and Healthy Soils. Our team is responsible and we are fully accountable for the integrity and quality of PASTURE TO PLATE Organic Products. As organic food producers, we are obligated to transparency, so that you, the consumer, can see and experience yourself what we stand for.  Visitors are welcome. Good food, produced with integrity, knowledge and hard work cannot be cheap, as cheap always comes with a very high, and usually well-hidden cost that somebody, or something else is paying for. Every business has to be profitable to be sustainable. Very much like a range cow who puts the fat on her back during the lush summer months to make it through the winter in good enough condition to give birth, nurse and conceive again.

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