Hatch House Montessori School

Top Choice Montessori School of 2020 in Durham Region

301 Byron St S, Whitby, ON L1N 4P9 Canada

Hatch House Montessori School is a well-established private school, located in downtown Whitby and operates in the historical building of The Hatch House.
Since 2013, when the current Principal, Zsuzsanna Vigh took ownership of HHMS, the school has experienced a tremendous amount of growth and has built an outstanding reputation. Today, HHMS is a trendsetter in the Montessori community, for its innovative ideas and for pioneering unique programs inspiring others to follow.
Ms. Vigh wanted to do something extraordinary and has set her personal goal to become the goal for our school – to shape our future by inspiring and empowering the children of today so they can become responsible, contributing and valuable members of society always delivering above and beyond.
Hatch House Montessori School has grown from five classrooms to nine exceptional learning environments offering programs for children from 9 months to Grade 8, has reached full capacity and waitlisted all programs. And more importantly, we have introduced, implemented and improved programs that are unique in the Durham Region and exclusive to HHMS.
Our dedication to Dr. Maria Montessori and her philosophy gives HHMS the advantage of delivering true Montessori education and curriculum to all our age groups with fully trained, passionate Montessori educators. Our Bilingual Elementary Program continue to follow the Montessori principles and curriculum in every sense, all the way up to Grade 8, making HHMS one of the very few of its kind in the region. Our Early Learning Programs are not only licensed by the Ministry of Education Early Learning Division, they are fully equipped with a wide range of Montessori materials and enriched with our unique language program.
Our aim is to provide excellence in our services with a faculty of educators, cultivated to work for the same goal, with the same mindset who share the school’s core values of respect, passion, dedication and compassion.
Hatch House Montessori School has created a truly family centered and child focused environment that goes above and beyond just academics. We always seek new opportunities to build lasting relationships between faculty and families and to pursue initiatives to strive for excellence. Through Language Arts with multiple languages, Performing Arts, Martial Arts, Visual Arts and Technology we prepare our students to enter a modern age operating in a global economy. These experiences have a monumental influence on shaping our children’s identity, heightening their self-awareness, and giving them a full appreciation of their life situation.
Through our unique approach we are setting up our children for growth, success, security, and ultimately, prosperity.
What sets us apart and propels us forward is our unprecedented driving force of passion, dedication and love that comes from within, that comes from the heart; that’s in all of us. We believe that there is no limit as to what we can achieve if we set our mind to it. With this mindset we inspire each and every child to cultivate the love for learning and we empower them to reach their fullest potential. In our Montessori environments children learn the value of independence. This makes them capable of making the right decisions and seeking knowledge by themselves. They also learn to support and help each other which builds a sense of responsibility. In our school it is the child’s interests that sparks learning and allows him to develop at their own pace.
HHMS strives to constantly improve our programmes and the services we offer to the families. To be true to the HHMS motto – Inspire     Empower     Above     Beyond - we continue to seek and pursue new possibilities to expand and always stay one step ahead of our competitors.
Winning the Top Choice Award for two consecutive years was not an expected achievement but one we are extremely proud of. It is the choice of the families and it is the validation of our efforts and hard work to achieve excellence. We are grateful for everyone’s voting for us to help us rise to the top once again, and we thank everyone for their support.
Thank you, Top Choice!

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