The Top Choice
User Guide

So you've decided on a package, got your tools heading your way or at your doorstep and want to know how to leverage these tools the best you can. You're in the right place.

General Tips

Please ensure the following are implemented while showcasing the current year you are a winner for - yes, they will need to be updated again next year if you win: 😊

Where to find the TCA logo files? ▼

Check the welcome email that was sent to you when you participated. Search this subject link in your inbox search bar: "Get Started With Your 2023". In the email, you will find a link that provides you access to download multiple types of files of the 2023 TCA Logo.

You must use the logo files provided by Top Choice Awards which must always include the respectful most recent year in which you won.

Where to use the TCA logo ▼

Check out this page to learn about multiple places to display your winning status, including your website, email signature, newsletters and much more.

If you don't know how to add the logo to your website, simply send the downloaded files to your tech team or website manager.

Already included in all packages. Availability to order more.
You can order more stickers or pop-ups for $10 here. Vehicle stickers are also available to order

How & where to use the window stickers? ▼

Add the sticker to the inside of your front door or windows (they are double-sided). Putting it on the inside avoids the weather outside from ruining the stickers, and any possible rips or tears.

PRO TIP: Use a credit card or anything with a straight edge to flatten out the sticker as you place it to avoid any bubbles forming.

How & where to use the tent cards? ▼

The tent cards are super easy to assemble. Fold the two rectangles on the bottom of the tent card, and insert the flaps on the rectangles into each other. This creates the base for the pop-up tent cards.

The tent cards should be placed in your highest traffic areas or wherever you take photos for social media.

Already included in all packages. Availability to order more.
You can order more floor decals for $20 here.

How To Install Floor Decal? ▼

Follow these instructions to install the Floor Decal:
1. Unroll your floor graphic and discard the outer white paper.
2. Flip the floor graphic over and place face down on a clean surface.
3. You’ll notice a back slit line toward the top of your floor graphic. Peel off the top section of the backing and discard.
4. With the adhesive exposed at the top, flip the floor graphic over and stick it to a clean floor. Adjust it until it’s aligned properly. Apply a couple of strips of tape to the top of the floor graphic to secure its position.
5. Reach under the floor graphic and begin peeling the rest of the backing starting from the top down. With the other hand, smooth and apply the graphic to the surface using your hand or the supplied squeegee, working from the top down.
6. Remove and discard the tape strips and celebrate your awesomeness!

Will the Floor Decals Ruin my floors? ▼

No, the floor decals are scratch-resistant, easy to clean or remove, and stand up to the heaviest foot traffic. They will not damage your floors when removed.

Where to use Floor Decal? ▼

The best place to use your Floor Decal is where you have the highest public traffic. Whether that be right at the front door, in the middle of your waiting line/area, or even in your meeting office.

Where to find the Custom Social Media Tools? ▼

The custom social media tools can be found in your Top Choice Folder. This folder is sent as a link to you via email once your custom social media tools are made. Your survey results and email blast results will also eventually be added to your folder as they are made available.

Where to use the Custom Social Media Tools? ▼

Once you've downloaded the tools:
- Share the tools and pin them on your social media channels
- Add them to your social media post images
- Include them in your email or sms blasts to your customers
- Add them to your website's home or blog page

Already included in Business and Pro Packages. Available as an add on. Order a social media feature here.

What should my feature be about? ▼

Once you begin filling in the content request form we sent you when you participated, we explain your options and help you choose what's best for you.

What to do after your social media feature is posted? ▼

After your social media is featured on our pages, it's imperative that you share it on your story and comment on it. You can even share it with people directly to their message inbox on Instagram/Facebook.

How will I know when the post has been posted? ▼

A) If you're not following us on social media already you definitely should.
B) We do email you letting you know it's been posted.

The group is a place to reach other voters in your city and connect with other TCA winners in your city. Join the group to begin posting promos, events or exciting news directly to people in your city in the exclusive Top Choices Group - Join Here.

What to post in the group? ▼

You can post anything in the group! In fact, you can even simply share all your posts from your business' Facebook page to the Top Choices group easily.

Here is how to share your Page's Facebook posts to the group:
- select Share
- select Share to a Group
- you can add a description or caption for the post you’re sharing where it says “Say something about this…”
- then choose the Top Choices group
- select Share. And that’s it you’re done!

Examples of what to post: Events coming up, Specials or sales you're having, A new staff member introduction, An update to how you conduct business, Your blogs, Your videos, Any helpful industry tips, fun industry memes, Seasonal products or campaigns... etc.

How often to post in the group ▼

Posting as often as possible gets you in the eyes of the people! The more the merrier. Aim for at least once a week.
PRO TIP: Interact with other posts and your own posts in the group to increase engagement and build strong connections!

Already included in Business and Pro Packages. Available as an add on. Order a desk banner here.

How to assemble your desk banner? ▼

Take the banner out of the box/bag, remove the long post from under the main metal item, remove the plastic from the post, stick the metal tip into the banner stand, then pull up the long flap until it reaches the top of the post and place the flap onto the plastic insert.

Where to display your banner?  ▼

The banner should be placed in your highest traffic areas or wherever you take photos for social media. You should also take them with you to any events you may be sponsoring or having.

Already included in Business and Pro Packages. Available as an add on. Order a Top Choice trophy here.

Different ways to display your award in your location:  ▼

- In a picture frame on a desk
- Hanging on the wall in or out of a frame
- On an award stand (you can find these at your local arts & crafts store)

Where to display your trophy?▼

The trophy can be placed in:
- your highest traffic areas
- wherever you take photos for social media
- wherever people make decisions to work with you or use your products
- wherever you want to see some extra bling ;)

Already included in the Pro Package. Available as an add on to any package. Order a 3 Month SM Ad Campaign here.

How to understand the results of your 3 month social media campaign?  ▼

Hover over the titles of the report to understand each metric.

Already included in the Pro Package. Available as an add on. Order an Email Blast here.

What should my email blast be about?  ▼

Once you begin the form we sent you when you participated, we will explain what your options are and which option is best for you depending on your needs.

Can't find the form? Find the welcome email we sent you with the subject line "Get Started With Your 2022" and be sure it's from the Top Choice team.

What should I name the coupon for TCA Voters? ▼

Once you begin the form for your Email Blast content, you will have the option to provide TCA voters in your city with a custom coupon or code. Keep the code name simple like: TopChoice2022 or TopChoice10 (where 10 is the percentage taken off for them).

Be creative while keeping the code name short!

How to understand the results of your email blast? ▼

The subject line is what people received in their inbox as the email subject line.
The total recipients is how many people received your email blast.
The total clicks are the amount of times someone took an action to click your email blast.
Total opens are how many people in your city opened the email blast.
The data on the bottom shows details as to when the email was sent and what link people clicked.

How Do I Add Top Choice As a Collaborator?  ▼

Here's an article with the easy steps: How to add Top Choice as a collaborator

How many times can I add Top Choice as a Collaborator? ▼

Once per week. The post must somehow mention your Top Choice Award win.

Why did one of my posts get declined for collaboration? ▼

A few reasons your request on a specific post may be declined are:
a) You already added Top Choice as a collaborator on a different post that week. (1 per week limit)
b) The post does not mention your Top Choice Award win.
c) Your post displays content in which Top Choice does not want to or cannot associate with such as immature content, association with certain organizations, etc.

If your post is declined, just try again with your next post.

Everything you need to know about iTrustLocal listings can be found on our help centre here.

How to claim or edit your iTrustLocal listing?  ▼

What features are available to premium listings? ▼

The premium listings come with all of these features.

How do you receive your Survey Results?  ▼

You will receive an email link with your survey results. The survey results are sent out based on first come first serve by participation date.

Understanding your survey results ▼

Toggle the pages on the left side of the screen to view different data.

The Votes Page shows you the total votes in the category including how you ranked compared to your competitors.

The Ratings and Additional Ratings Pages showcase the rankings your voters left for you in different areas of business.

The Why Voted page shows the comments left behind by your voters where they detailed why they voted for you as their Top Choice.

The Improvement Feedback page shows the comments left behind by your voters on what they think you can improve on in your business operations.

Already included in Pro Packages. Available as an add on. Order a Social Questions Episode here.

When will we be interviewed?  ▼

You will be sent an email in late March with a time frame in April so you can schedule your SQ interview with our host.

Where will your SQ Episode be posted? ▼

The episodes will air on Facebook Watch. We will also email you a copy of your Episode for your own use.

Where should you use your SQ Video? ▼

- Post & pin it on your social media pages
- Add it to your website home page, blog page and "awards/recognition" page
- Send it as an email/SMS blast to your email list