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Love your favorite local businesses with a nomination for the 2019 Top Choice Awards Survey

Whether you are a business owner that has an amazing story to tell or you know a local business that you feel deserves to be recognized, you have the power to make a difference in your city! Nominations help Top Choice Awards discover new, noteworthy businesses, which we can then evaluate for qualification. Your nomination will be submitted for the 2019 Survey.


Nominating a business or professional does not affect voting scores and, unlike voting, you may nominate as many times as you like.

NOTE: Nominating your business does not guarantee qualification. All nominees are reviewed by Top Choice Awards to ensure they qualify. Read about the qualification process.

Why Nominate?

Because it's a win-win situation. 

You and your city will have access to a free list of Top Choice businesses that will save money and time for everyone; and on the other hand, local businesses can have access to valuable information to improve their business. 

Becoming an official qualified nominee has its perks

  • A great opportunity to gain valuable Free PR and online advertising. 
  • An opportunity for huge media exposure. 
  • Nominees will get business education and support throughout the competition. 
  • Nominees names will show up when people search for a nominee to vote for. 
  • Nominees will get their own shareable "nominated" page, which includes an easy "vote for us " button.
  • Nominees will have access to a "nominated" badge for use on their website. 
  • Nominees will be listed on the nomination page of other competitors in your category/city.

Fill out the form below to nominate your favorite business or professional in your city.

What type of business or profession is this?

If the business you are nominating serves the public choose B2C. If the company you are nominating serves businesses choose B2B.

The Top Choice Award is currently limited to a select number of cities.

Top Choice Awards may need to contact you regarding this nomination. Please check this box to authorize us to do so.

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