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Whether you are a business owner that has an amazing story to tell or you know a local business that you feel deserves to be recognized, you have the power to make a difference in your city! Nominations help Top Choice Awards discover new, noteworthy businesses, which we can then evaluate for qualification. Your nomination will be submitted for the 2021 Survey.

Nominating a business or professional does not affect voting scores and, unlike voting, you may nominate as many times as you like.

NOTE: Nominating your business does not guarantee qualification. All nominees are reviewed by Top Choice Awards to ensure they qualify.

Why Nominate?

It's a win-win situation for consumers and nominees. You and your city will have access to a free list of Top Choice businesses that will save money and time for everyone; and on the other hand, local businesses can have access to valuable information to improve their business.

Becoming an official qualified nominee has its perks:

  • A great opportunity to gain valuable Free PR and online advertising.
  • An opportunity for huge media exposure.
  • Nominees will get business education and support throughout the competition.
  • Nominees names will show up when people search for a nominee to vote for.
  • Nominees will get their own shareable "nominated" page, which includes an easy "vote for us " button.
  • Nominees will have access to a "nominated" badge for use on their website.
  • Nominees will be listed on the nomination page of other competitors in your category/city