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Dueck Homes

Top Home Builder of 2018 in Winnipeg

Rated 87 Overall

1164 Parker Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 0T7

Dueck Homes began in 2006 when Cal Dueck began building houses in his home neighbourhood of Fort Garry. Cal started with a hands on approach, doing all the framing, concrete, and finishing in the homes he built. As would be expected, his commitment to quality and fairness caught on. Today Dueck Homes is still working out of the same Fort Garry neighbourhood, but has moved toward the design build area of expertise. Energy efficiency and sustainable building practices have always been at the forefront of what Dueck Homes brings to the table. From building the first privately built LEED certified house in Manitoba, to contributing to various Green building boards, Dueck Homes has invested themselves in pushing the envelope for responsible building. From ICF houses to double wall builds achieving Passive House air exchange requirements, Dueck has a vast amount of experience designing and building to stringent quality levels.

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