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Luksus Diamonds

Top Jewellery Retailer of 2018 in Vancouver

Rated 86 Overall

725-602 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 1P2

We know that quality diamonds and engagement rings can be offered at prices much lower than jewellery stores without having to sacrifice personal service. Diamonds can be simple to understand and making the right choice can be stress-free. If you’re like most people then you know very little about diamonds, their qualities or their value. That’s why choosing the right jeweller is the single most important part of the decision-making process. A trusted jeweller is one who has made a commitment to professional education, to ethical business practices, and to consumer protection. We have made such commitments and are here to help answer all your questions. Jewellery stores can be intimidating places. We offer a comfortable, pressure-free office environment in downtown Vancouver while sourcing the diamond you are looking for and going over your custom design ideas with you. If you prefer to source the diamond on your own then please visit our diamonds search page and ask us for assistance as you need. We’re confident our prices are as low as or lower than those you’ll find elsewhere. Once we find the diamond that best matches your desired specifications at the lowest price we’ll order it directly from the diamond cutter so that you can come in and approve it.

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