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Onare Salon

Top Hair Salon of 2018 in Mississauga

Rated 90 Overall

2100 Hurontario St, Mississauga, Ontario L5B 1M8

The right hairstyle will allow you to spend less time fussing with your hair, and more time feeling great about yourself. We believe that looking your best on the outside is inevitably reflected on the inside, leaving you feeling rejuvenated both physically and mentally. At Onaré, we work as a team of professionals and encourage you to try every one of our stylists. We guarantee that no one will be disappointed. To match hairstyles with lifestyles, help define personal style, and leave our clients looking and feeling the their absolute best. Our goal is to build a company that is the best of its kind. A company that will stand the test of time, lead the beauty industry, and be an example of what every hair salon should be- all while having fun along the way.

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