Yummy Catering

Top Choice Kids' Catering Company of 2020 in Greater Toronto Area

1444 Dupont Street, Unit 24-25, Toronto, ON M6P 4H3 Canada

We started from humble beginnings. Established in 2004, Yummy was born in a small kitchen with just one chef, one driver and one dream – create healthy, nutritious, home-style food for kids as they learn and develop. Today, we’re proud to be the the leading kids catering company in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond, serving over 20,000 meals and snacks a day to childcare centres and schools.

Our business is built on creating delicious food that kids love to eat. To make that happen, our team share a vision that starts and ends with quality. From handpicked ingredients to nutritional, home-style recipes, we pride ourselves on creating seasonal, multicultural menus that kids love.

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