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1011 Glenmore Trail SW, suite 418 Calgary, Alberta T2V 4R6

Everybody´s DNA is different; so shouldn’t your skin care plan be just as unique? The answer to this question is the SkinScience Clinic.

Located in the North Americas bustling energy cosmopolitan of Calgary, Alberta, SkinScience first opened its doors more than a decade ago. Unlike many businesses who were forced to close up shop over the past year due to plummeting oil prices and the economic instability, SkinScience has seen tremendous growth; opening its global online store, relocating their offices to accommodate client demand, and taking on additional staff. This success is due in part by Founder and CEO of SkinScience, Marie Bertrand.

A native of Quebec City, Marie graduated with a degree in Microbiology and Immunology with the purpose of working in the field of cosmetics. Before opening SkinScience in 2007, Marie worked with the National Institute of Health in Washington D.C. before moving on to work with some of the world’s largest cosmetic companies including L’Oreal.

Understanding that it can be confusing for people to choose the best skin care products and procedures, Marie created SkinScience to bring a new vision of skin care: respect for the customer, ethical and unbiased recommendations, design regimes based on scientific facts and sound clinical studies, measurable results, on-going support and education for all customers.

“It was important to me to provide a service that truly addresses the root cause of the issues our clients are having with their skin” says Marie. “What makes SkinScience different is that we provide science-based skin care solutions. When you come to SkinScience, you are seeing the real skin care expert.”

Your initial consultation includes an in-depth physical and computer image analysis of your skin. This allows Marie and her staff of experts to see the underlying causes of your own skins needs. Your skin is reviewed and thoroughly analyzed for sun damage, pore size and clarity, elasticity and firmness, redness, inflammation, bacteria, and sensitivity.

Additionally, first time clients are encouraged to bring with them the products they’re currently using in their day to day skin care regime. This is so that Marie can review each product for both for its ingredients and effectiveness to treat your skin concerns.

“All too often I see clients choose products based on what they’re seeing on TV or that are easily available at their local drugstore” says Marie. “Typically, these products are overpriced and don’t have enough of the active ingredient to treat their skin, and in some cases is actually the cause of their skin ailment.”

Once your analysis is complete, your consultant and expert will educate you on the how, what and why’s of your skin and how it came to be. Our experts then develop a skin care plan for you to follow at home in conjunction with a treatment plan. Medical facials, chemical peels, laser therapy and other non- invasive treatments offer an amazing way to further your potential results much faster than using topical products alone.

Since its inception, SkinScience has seen more than 10,000 patients come through its doors , each one leaving with a success story. Earlier this year, SkinScience was named Top Medial Laser Client by the consumer driven Top Choice Awards. For more information on Marie or SkinScience, visit

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