Peel Montessori School

Top Choice Montessori School of 2019 in Mississauga

964 Meadow Wood Road Mississauga, ON L5J 2S6

We Believe

every child has unique capabilities, talents, learning style, and personality. At Peel Montessori School, we are dedicated in providing a higher standard of teaching and learning program that focuses on personalized instruction rather than a one-size fits all curriculum's. This is accomplished through creating benchmarks that follow the pace and level of each student, given individual capabilities. In essence, our system enables students to move ahead in areas of strength while allowing time to develop competencies in other areas of development. Students will never be bored with their learning, or have to wait for others to move ahead. Our experience shows this to be an effective way to help students succeed academically, personally, and socially within our program and beyond in schools of their choice.

As a dedicated school, we believe that establishing citizenship, building self-worth, and guiding a student in their quest to learn from a comprehensive, intriguing curriculum inspires internal drive, creativity, community involvement, and an enjoyment of learning, which are qualities equally important as their intellectual development.

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