Marché Adonis

Top Choice Grocery Retailer of 2019 in Mississauga

1240 Eglinton Ave W Mississauga, ON L5V 1N3

Since its creation, ADONIS’s team has been inspired by the same passion and the same values. Throughout time, our enterprise’s culture was developed based on these convictions. Since the early days, every new team member would be included in a work environment where values are human and harmonious. The management team and personnel at ADONIS are driven by a taste for excellence in all aspects of their work. Our natural penchant for a job done to perfection reflected in the products that we offer, the service that we provide and even the architecture of our stores is our trademark. We strive for perfection in the quality and freshness of our food products. We strive for excellence in our service by employing dedicated and passionate personnel. In order to welcome our clients to our stores, ADONIS does all that it can to create a warm and inviting atmosphere with its impeccable decor. Over one hundred employees in every store are trained on a regular basis by experts in customer relations who accompany us in our objective to offer superior quality customer service while surpassing the highest hygiene and safety standards. The training of personnel at ADONIS cultivates this drive for excellence.

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