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271 Jevlan Dr, Unit 17, Woodbridge, ON L4L 8G6 Canada

The family business grew and Anthony grew with it, early memories of weddings, parties and events, plenty of food and all the service that goes with it. As early as 3 years old the exposure to this industry has formed his opinions and passion for food and hospitality. Since the age of 12 Anthony spent his time working summers and weekends in the family banquet business, before choosing to work as a busboy in the restaurant industry for the first time at 16 years of age. Since then Anthony has developed the skills as a front of the house expert, Having learnt every position in the restaurant business including the prized position of executive chef, Anthony eventually went on to help managing and consult for over a half dozen restaurants. Anthony furthered his education by graduating from culinary school and obtained a red seal equivalence before the age of 25. Having owned his first restaurant at 21 years old Anthony is no stranger to hard work and the effort it takes to make a success. At 28 years of age he operates La Cantina Catering daily with a passion for learning and the motivation to expand is the next chapter.

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