Kickit Dance Studio

Top Choice Dance School of 2020 in Winnipeg

986 Lorimer Blvd, Unit 3, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3P 0Z8, Canada

At Kickit everyone is supported and loved. It is one big family. The teachers are so much fun and truly care for their dancers. They teach you the importance of dance in our lives and how to look good and have fun at the same time. – Anonymous

Great instructors at all levels including pre-school. Very encouraging and dynamic.

– Brenda

Excellent instructors that will provide one on one support when needed. Very energetic and polite staff. Kids never want to miss a class. - Anonymous

We love their welcoming space and dedication of their instructors – Caroline

Very professional & consistent. My kids love the way they teach even my little boy. – Chona

My daughter has been dancing with Kickit for 8 years now. Staff are so welcoming, recognizing students’ strengths and always make ALL students feel wanted. The dance learning environment engages ALL dancers and offers excellent dance education and personal growth skills. – Dorothy

Best instructors, fun, talented and hardworking people. Great choreography. – Ellen

The instructors enthusiastically teach dance and genuinely care about the students.

– Kevin

Three of my children dance at Kickit studio. My son, who has always wanted to dance, quite hockey to join Kickit and has never looked back! This studio is inclusive of everyone and makes every child feel like a great dancer! Kickit has allowed my children to love dance, always feel included and I truly see the joy they feel while they are at their classes!!! Kickit is an amazing studio with amazing teachers! – Andrea

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