Healthy Creations Inc.

Top Choice Bakery of 2019 in Windsor

333 Dougall Square Windsor, ON N9G 1S7

Healthy Creations Inc. is unlike any other bakery in Windsor, Ontario. Our head baker, Chris Brecka, bakes fresh items for a gluten free diet every day, and she understands that the diet is a way of life for many people. Healthy Creations strives to make baked goods that you wouldn't know are gluten free.

Chris Brecka of Healthy Creations Inc. in Windsor, Ontario, has been a specialty baker since 1994. She is aware that this diet is a lifestyle, and she aims to create products that rival their gluten counterparts. Nobody should ever feel like they have to go without, and Healthy Creations understands what it's like to have a food allergy or intolerance. Finding tasty, allergy free foods with a pleasing texture can sometimes be difficult. Now, we've made products that will make your "regular food" eating friends jealous.

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