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5 Manitou Drive, Kitchener, ON N2C 2J6 Canada

Dr. Murdoch began his undergraduate studies at the University of Waterloo and obtained his BSC (Honours) degree in Kinesiology. He graduated in 1985 as a Licensed Chiropractor from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. He continues his current study of Health and Chiropractic through seminar attendance and a extensive continuing library.

Dr. Murdoch has over 30 years experience in practice. He is dedicated to improving the health and wellness in all areas of his patients' lives. He believes in taking a "whole person" approach in chiropractic care, which means looking for the underlying causes of disease, discomfort and pain as opposed to just treating the symptoms. He has administered numerous "Stress Workshops" and seminars on how to be a "Victor - not a Victim in your Life". He has also been consulted by many industries to conduct Back Safety workshops for a variety of job descriptions.

Dr. Murdoch is a member in good standing with the Ontario Chiropractic Association, Canadian Chiropractic Association, Canadian Chiropractic Protective Association and the Local Waterloo Regional Society. He was awarded a recognition from the House of Commons for a Gold Award for success and outstanding reputation in 2013, the Consumer Award Winner for 2017-2018 and the Top Choice Award Winner for 2019 and 2020.

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