Douglas Window & Door Inc.

Top Choice Windows & Doors Company of 2019 in London, Ontario

515 Hamilton Road London, ON N5Z 1S3

At Douglas, our mission is to provide premium renovation solutions with outstanding products and professional workmanship combined with remarkable service with a focus on quality, value, honesty and integrity.

Our 5 Point Plan focuses on YOU!

1. Client Needs: We arrange to visit your premises, discuss your needs and work through the best solutions. Our professionally trained client managers work with you to determine the exact products and specifications required and discuss a timely delivery.

2. Ensure: We make certain we’ve understood your needs, we review and ensure confirmations of production sizes and measurements. To help you through the installation process we provide a document “About Your Install”. This provides you with all the information you need to prepare for your installation.

3. Confirm: As your delivery draws near we confirm the installation dates and our installation team with you. We help in any way we can to make your installation run smoothly. Our aim is to create the least possible disruption for you.

4. Install: Our in-house hourly paid installers are an integral part of our business, respecting our attention to detail and values. We focus on honesty and integrity, providing you with renovation solutions, outstanding products, professional workmanship and exceptional service.

5. Follow Up: To ensure we’ve provided the products and services as promised we follow up with you after your installation. This is an opportunity to gather feedback from you so we can continue to raise the bar. At this time we also like to learn of any future needs you or your acquaintances may have.

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