Networking Reception

Enjoy an enthusiastic networking reception with a red carpet, open bar, live entertainment, and award winning appetizers. This is a time to network and make meaningful moments with the other business executives attending, turning the Gala a perfect place to make prosperous and long lasting business connections.

Social Media Opportunities

There's a whole new world - the social world. Social media has altered the way we can connect with those we meet in the real world, continuing the connection, making goodbye a “see you later”. Attending the gala is an opportunity to generate new social followers, whether that be through streaming your "Oscar like" experience on Facebook live, being cross-tagged on other winners' photos/videos, or simply following who you meet at the gala. In this way you make connections with the TCA winner community, gain the attention of new people, and create organic content for your social followers, it's a win-win-win!

International Cuisine and Open Bar

Attendees enjoy exquisite bites from an extensive array of award winning restaurants including h'ouderves and live food stations. We keep the celebration flowing with a full-service open bar.

Professional Photos & Video

Feel like a Hollywood star with your professional photos being taken all throughout the night. Whether that be on the red carpet, on stage, during your interview or candid moments, you will have organic and unique material to share with your followers that justly represents your achievement! Your acceptance speech on stage will also be added to your interview video and there's a chance that you can make an appearance on one of Top Choice's own gala videos!

Live Entertainment

The award speeches are pleasantly interrupted with a wide array of unique live entertainment acts, keeping the audience engaged and on their toes.

Personalized Interviews

Keep your website and social channels interesting with your custom celebratory video. Every winner in attendance receives a custom, professionally filmed and edited interview video. The interview videos are a long lasting tool that will grab the attention of your customers, as well as make impression online about your company to prospective customers. These interview videos are also promoted by Top Choice Awards for additional exposure.

2020 Gala

Details to be announced.

2019 Gala (Latest)

September 7, 2019
Fairmont Royal York Hotel
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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