Online Nominee Starter Kit

You're invited to take part in the Top Choice Awards Survey and garner its unique beneifts! Read below to understand the next steps, learn about the perks of being a nominee and download your digital nominee tools!

The Process

Your business will be competing amongst others to collect as many votes as possible on the run to become the next Top Choice Award winner in your field of work. If you opt to drop out of the survey email or chat us below.

Nominee Perks

You’ve made it!  With hundreds of businesses in your city and field of work striving to stand out as a leader by becoming a TCA nominee, qualifying as an official nominee for the Top Choice Award Survey is an accomplishment on its own.

There are numerous perks to qualifying as a Top Choice Award Nominee, including:

Online Promotion

Free online advertising by being listed on as a nominee during the voting process which is heavily promoted on Google and social media (Est. reach over 1 million)

Recognition As Industry Leader

A free official nominee badge for your website and online voting campaign. Anyone who visits your website will know that you are among the top within your city.

Media Opportunity

Open doors to huge media exposure whether it be your local Instagram blog or your local newspaper, make headlines with a strong campaign and support from your voters!

Customer Engagement

What better reason to engage with your clients? Share your nominee status with them, and they can share love through a vote. Strengthen relationships with current clients to ensure their loyalty.

Social Buzz

Reach a wide audience on social media through the buzz surrounding the survey including likes, comments and shares of your own posts which end up in other people’s feeds and notifications.

Survey Results

Eligibility to receive survey results including vote count and comments from your voters. Get insight into your clients’ wants and needs to help you step up your game to fully satisfy your customers!

Get Your Tools

We have developed tools for you such as an Official 2022 Nominee Badge, Shareable Nominee Video, Facebook Cover Graphics, Press Release Template and Printable Poster to help Official Nominees celebrate their nominee status and connect with their customers. 

Facebook Cover


Blog Post Image


(for Print)


Press Release Template


Custom Badge


Tips for a Successful
Voting Campaign

Here are some tips to help you have a successful voting campaign and make the most out of your official nominee status.

  • Share

    Share your voting link, nominee badge and the other online tools we’ve created for you on all of your social media outlets. Pin your post to ensure your followers don’t miss it. 


    Use the Printable Nominee Poster provided in your starter kit to create awareness at your front desk, reception areas, on tables, in window displays, and any other high traffic areas. Add a QR code where you can in your location to your voting link.

  • Send

    Send an email/SMS blast to your contacts using the press release template we’ve made you, or using your own, to let them know the great news and that you need their support! 


    Create a blog post on your website about your status and add your voting badge prominently on the home page of your website. 


    Add your nominee status to your voicemail, on-hold messages or any radio advertisements you may be doing. Most importantly, tell the people that helped make your nomination possible - your staff. With the entire team on board, your company will never miss an opportunity to let walk-in customers get in on the fun!

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