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Week 2: The Lucky Toppy T-Shirt Winners for this week are...

Thank you for voting for your Top Choice. Now it's your turn to win.

As you now know, part of voting in the 2018 Top Choice Awards Survey means you're automatically entered into a draw to win a grand prize of $2000 cash or one of many Toppy T-shirts. You've given back to your community by voting for your Top Choice and helped us get closer to identifying the Top businesses in your city. Now Top Choice Awards would like to thank you for picking a lucky voter every day until voting closes on January 2nd! 

The winners of Toppy T-shirts for Week 2 of Voting are...

  1. Justine Miesowicz 
  2. Michelle Di Marco 
  3. Yehuda Neger 
  4. Kristina Marra 
  5. Les Sediles
  6. Nikki Stuart 
  7. Kaden Hebb

Congratulations to this week's contest winners. You can Vote now for a chance to win!

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