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Toppy T-Shirt Contest!

Attn: Top Choice Award Recipients - How to win the new social Toppy T-shirt contest, prizes and more!

We are so excited to announce that Toppy the mascot is hosting a social media contest for our wonderful winners. Being part of the exclusive circle of Top Choice Award winners is full of advantages. Your business is placed under a social spotlight in which your winning status keeps grabbing the attention of potential new clients plus re-ensuring your current clients that they have made the right choice. Now, why stop there? Sometime this week, if you are a Top Choice Award recipient you will find your toppy t-shirt in your mailbox to help further expose your win and come on TOP in this social media contest. This contest will give you all a chance to be super creative while in all having a little fun with our mascot Toppy!

Here are the steps required if you would like to take part in the contest:


1. Take a creative photo of someone wearing the T-shirt highlighting Toppy the mascot.

2. Share it on all of your business social media outlets and tag @TopChoiceAwards so we are aware you are taking part of the contest.

3. Winner will be announced June 1st, 2017.

The winner will win a total of 10 custom t-shirts of Toppy with their company logo included, these 10 t-shirts will give you yet another opportunity to showcase your exclusive mark of excellence to your clients, friends and family.

Be sure to take part of the contest and don’t miss out on this amazing and fun giveaway. We are so excited to see what you will create! Have fun and Top Luck!

Thank you for your time and enjoy your Toppy T-shirt

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