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Whooshhh...Here is Your Top Choice For Plumbing Services; Priority Plumbing!

Raising the standards of their industry by providing home owners with simply the best service experience they’ve ever had.


Priority Plumbing was founded in 2001 by current President Austin Tsakopoulos. Austin, a visionary leader in the plumbing industry recognized a huge problem in the plumbing service sector in the way service calls were being managed.

Many competent plumbers who were great workers had decided to go into business for themselves. This created a huge problem in the industry as they lacked the necessary business and people skills to produce the higher standards demanded by home owners. Sure they can smell like smoke, look dirty, work sloppy, and hide mistakes on a new construction or renovation job, but this did not go well when people called them into their homes. To this day, most plumbers do not recognize the difference in the marketplace between renovation or construction plumbers, and residential service plumbers.

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