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6 Steps for Working with an Event Staffing & Experiential Marketing Agency

Have you ever thought of planning an event or promotion?

Have you ever thought of planning an event or promotion? You’ve come to the right place! Simply put, here at Tigris, we create, plan, and staff events that build brands and businesses nationwide across Canada. To help each of our unique clients achieve their goals, we ask them to follow these 6 steps for the best results.

1. Summarize what success looks like

What does success look like to you? Just like our personal lives, success varies from person to person and client to client. To achieve success, you must determine what this means for your brand. Your success should be the goal of any agency you choose to partner with.

2. Be flexible with your budget

No project is too big or detail too small for Tigris. Clients come to us with big ideas like mobile billboards, branded vehicles and creative concepts. In most cases, the bigger the idea – the bigger the price tag – so we work with clients to provide affordable options that offer the best impact within their budget.

3. Be open to suggestions

You may already know what you want, but be open to suggestions. We live, breathe and sleep events. As a result, we have lots of experience and great ideas in our arsenal! As your trusted partner, we have your best interest in mind.

4. Give as much notice as possible

Tigris has 2,000 events staff on our team across Canada. Depending on the schedule for your event, access to our team and specific requests are subject to availability. If you book in advance, you will be able to select from a wider array of available staff, rather than waiting until the last minute resulting in limited options.

5.  Make yourself available

Knowledge is power! From booth numbers and meeting spots to detailed schedules and product knowledge, it’s important for us to liaise with clients in a timely manner. Communication is extremely important for an agency like ours –planning events with fast approaching deadlines!

6.  Read our reports!

Tigris creates comprehensive reports for our clients after every event. The reports share what worked, what didn’t, results and feedback from consumers. These reports are always included, and we encourage our clients to read them. There’s some valuable stuff in there!

To learn more about how event staffing and experiential marketing can boost your brand, give TIGRIS a call at 416.283.9119.

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